want to help save the planet?

Great - first of all we need to know what needs fixing.

We are continually bombarded with messages about the problems the planet faces on a whole series of levels. This can seem very daunting. The news is often full of potential disaster scenarios and rarely mentions progress or good news.

For ease, we've split our research into various categories


How much water do we use?

What can we do to save it?


Grow our own?

Is food waste a big issue?


What uses the most energy?

How do we get more green energy?

Carbon Footprint

What is this?

Why does it matter?


What types of pollution is man creating and how does it affect us?


How does building and maintaining buildings affect the environment and how do we do this better?

We've tried to use plain English, pictures, diagrams and very little jargon, whilst still giving you statistics to base your thoughts on.

We are not experts; we don't have qualifications in this field, but are - as we are sure many are - concerned about the impacts of human activity on the planet. So we've had a look at what the experts have said and what the possible macro and micro solutions could be.

There are a lot of surprising facts that don't always make the news. 

As a teaser, did you know 6 TRILLION (6,000,000,000,000) litres of water are processed for use in the UK each year.

7,000,000,000 Kilogrammes of domestic food is thrown away annually.

Scientists who believe climate change is caused by human activity outnumber those who don't by 40 to 1!

Have a look and make your own mind up.

water production uk
Images kindly provided by William Warby and Chris Lim under wikimedia commons. Files licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-share alike 2.0 Generic Licence