101 ways to be less wasteful

We are using a mixture of our users recommendations and our experiences to build this list, so it is a work in progress - let us know if you have any ideas for additions.  We're keen to get this to 101 (good ideas) as soon as is possible - so please help!

These are all either free, or very low cost ways to both save money and also live more sustainably.

1 - Turn the lights out.

2 - Turn the tap off.

3 - Recycle, recycle, recycle.

4 - Compost your food waste.

5 - Only buy the food you need.

6 - Avoid fast fashion.

7 - Collect rainwater from roofs.

8 - Use reusable bags for shopping.

9 - Use reusable containers for food.

10 - Buy food with less plastic wrapping.

11 - Drink tap water.

12 - Fit energy saving light bulbs.

13 - Turn down the thermostat and put on a jumper.

14 - Don't leave electrical items on standby.

15 - If you want a long soak, take a bath - don't have a shower.

16 - Recycle water - using bathwater to flush toilets etc.

17 - Walk locally rather than take the car.

18 - Believe it or not, get food delivered and don't drive to the supermarket.

19 - Sell or give unwanted items to charity - don't put in the bin.

20 - Grow your own food.

21 - Keep your car tyres up to pressure, it is more fuel efficient.

22 -