Development projects

Here we'll have a look at ways in which we can alter current buildings and build new ones to both reduce our impact on the environment during the building process and also over the long-term through running costs etc.

Creating a "green" building is really tough.  Some would advocate we just live in smaller spaces to have less impact on the environment, but the UK already has some of the smallest housing stock in the world. On average, our houses are a third of the size of those in Australia, for example.  We'd advocate building sensibly and looking to impact as little as possible - but still building great homes that people want to live in.

It is likely that it is going to be easier to build more sustainable buildings than it is to retro-fit current ones, although as you'll see from other pages on this site there is a lot we can do to make our homes and lifestyles more sustainable.  When we win the lottery, we'll be back here with a project to build a fully sustainable and green house.........

now, I'm off to buy a lottery ticket!

Images kindly provided by William Warby and Chris Lim under wikimedia commons. Files licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-share alike 2.0 Generic Licence